Monday, October 15, 2012

New homes

The pups have all been in new homes for a couple months but I am VERY slow to put up the updated photos and names. I am still waiting for a couple new photos but I will post what I have and update later. I decided the theme for this litter will be Favorite Books, so all the owners picked a favorite or well loved book as the registered name of the pups.

Miss Honey is now Moonsong Call of the Wild
 Mr. Tawny is now Moonsong Thunderbolt Kid
 Mr. Silver is now Moonsong Kite Runner
 Miss yellow is now Moonsong Go Dog Go
 Mr. Red is now Moonsong Where the Wild Things Are
 Miss Grey is now Moonsong Small Wonder
 Mr. Steele is now Moonsong Goodnight Moon
 Mr. Polar is now Moonsong Wise Child

Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 6 and 7

 Busy weeks means another skipped blog so I am again combining weeks together.  The pups only have a week left until they leave for new homes.  Time has really flown with this litter- they have been quiet and easy to care for.  They had a temperament and conformation evaluation this week and pet vs. breeding has been determined.  Now they have one more week to grow and learn and play before leaving mom and the Moonsong pack for new families.
 Miss Honey gets hung up on mom
 Mom wrestle time
 Watcher takes over as babysitter
 Obviously she is very tolerant and a good 'auntie'
 She barely stirs as pups crawl all over her
 play spills out into the yard
 Mr. Tawny parks on the steps
 Tug time
 Kila is allowed to play with pups if she stays lying down.  She has become quite good at this
 The pups eating out of their Weana - feeders.  These things are GREAT and are supposed to prevent any food aggression.  I have never had a Chinook that would guard food so maybe they work!  Maybe it is just the breed...we will see when I have Saluki pups if it works for them too.
 Wink jumps in to supervise 
 The roots of a dead bush make great chew toys
 Miss Grey 
 Taking a break from wrestling to suck up to faethe
 snack time
 Watcher wants to play with Mr. Red
 More eating
 Every time Jiggles tried to come up the stairs, a pup would shoot out and grab his feet or jump on him.  At this point he was very beseechingly looking at me for help
 Wink is play police
 Mr. Tawny hanging with Faethe
 Wink teaching them how to dig in the yard...thank you Wink
 Chili is still nursing them several times a day! 
 Kila's turn to be the mountain
Now Faethe's turn

Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 5

 Puppy zooms!  The pups are spending a lot of time outside as the weather is just perfect for pups; 60-70 degrees and sunny.  I leave the door open so the pups can go in or out at will but they rarely come in!
 Mr. Steel
 Wrestlemania happens quite often at this age 

 Mr. red checks out the neighbor
 Mr. Tawny
 Miss Honey
 Miss Yellow
 Mr. Red
 Mr. Steel
 Mr. Tawny and Polar 
 A puppies eye view of the front yard
 Miss Honey,in the foreground,sees something interesting
 The puppies discover the garden
 Back to wrestling
 Head butting
 Miss Grey
 Time with mom is now starting to be more about play and less about eating

 Ahh...the patience of moms!
 Mr. tawny
 Mr. Steel discovers the joy of pinecones
 Miss Grey snuggles up to Steel, who seems to be pretty pleased about it

Miss Yellow is sacked out!